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No.15 Church Road has lots of character and an intriguing history. The recent renovations have been undertaken as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative, which is helping to restore the town's historic features through a mixture of building repair, reinstatement of architectural detail and bringing vacant space back into use.


Originally built in the 1700s as a boat builder's house, the first title deeds to the property date from 1835. At that time the steep sloping Church Road would have been the slipway down to the water. The roof would originally have been thatched and the building which now houses the living room would have been the boat builder's shed.


In the early to mid-19th century, Stromness was a bustling port and departure point for the ships of the Hudsons Bay Company heading to Canada. Many men were recruited here to work in the fur trade, and local families still have links to family across the Atlantic. Whaling was also big business at the time, and whaling ships called in to Stromness. Boat builders like the one who lived at No.15 Church Road would have been kept busy carrying out repairs for visiting ships.


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History of No.15 Church Road, self catering holiday accommodation Stromness, Orkney
No.15 Church RoadNo.15 Church RoadNo.15 Church Road
No.15 Church RoadNo.15 Church RoadNo.15 Church Road
No.15 Church RoadNo.15 Church RoadNo.15 Church Road

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